To schedule a grooming appointment email: or call: 715-495-6326.

When you arrive at your appointment, park your vehicle in the parking lot: Call 715-495-6326. Wait in your car until Kelsey comes to collect your dog. When Kelsey arrives, exit the vehicle with the dog on leash. Kelsey will apply a new leash. Remove your leash and you are done!

Under no circumstances may any customer park in the driveway, even for drop off or pick up.

What is the reason for this rule? Overdale Kennel operates under a conditional use permit, which REQUIRES that each customer is provided with and uses a parking space to reduce the risk of accidents on the highway. If there is an accident resulting from a vehicle backing out of a blocked driveway, we may lose our permit and be forced to close permanently.

At pick up, do not exit your car. Call 715-495-6326. Kelsey will bring your dog to you after payment has been received.

Come visit our grooming area and give your pet a haircut you can both be proud of!  Our primary groomer, Kelsey Lee, is an experienced groomer and graduate of Rio Grooming School.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call Kelsey (715-495-6326)

Or fill out the contact form below.

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