Title abbreviations

to the following people who showed recently:

Nicole Parker and Steele-T2B Agility 5pts, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg, T2B Agility 8 points, Open JWW New Title Agility 3rd leg, Open Stnd New Title Agility 3rd leg 1st place, Open Fast Agility 2nd leg 3rd place, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg 3rd Place

Valerie Anderson and Brim- Winners Dog Best of Winners Conformation 5 Point Major

Valerie Anderson and Muse - T2B Agility 10 points 1st Place, T2B Agility 7 Points

Christi Skamfer and Ace- New Fast Novice Agility 3rd leg 1st Place, 1st Place CPE Agility Jumpers, Novice Obedience leg 1 2nd Place, Preferred Novice Obedience leg 1 3rd Place, Rally Excellent 3rd Place, Advanced RAE Rally leg 1 4th Place, Conformation Select


Lisa Belz and Ginger-  Cynosport Rally leg 3 New Title RL1, Cynosport Rally leg 1 Level 1B 2nd Place

Sophia Tiffany and Meeko- Beginners Novice 1st leg 2nd Place, Rally Novice 1st leg 1st Place

Bob Keller and Hammer - 3 Best of Breeds

Connie Goetz and Burnie - UKC Premier: 4 Best of Breeds, new URO3, Total Dog

Amaris Moore and Petra - Best of Opposite Sex, 1 championship point

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - Best of Breed, Group 4

Sydney Boyer and Blake - Silver medal, USDAA JHP Elementary, 4th place jumpers

Megan Nafe and Samson - 1 qualifying Intermediate Agility leg, new title, 1 qualifying Senior Agility leg, 2 gold medals, 3rd place jumpers

Faylene Troemner and Sparky - 2 bronze medals, USDAA JHP Beginners

Paige Arneson and Skippy - Bronze medal, USDAA JHP Intermediate

Claire Arneson and Poco - Gold medal, USDAA JHP Elementary

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - 1 qualifying novice agility leg, 1 qualifying novice JWW leg, 3rd place, 4th place



This is an abbreviated list of titles, in general, listed in order of difficulty for each group.  Many other titles are available.

Obedience Titles

CD - Companion Dog, 3 qualifying scores in novice obedience
CDX - Companion Dog Excellent, 3 qualifying scores in open
UD - Utility Dog, 3 qualifying scores in utility
UDX - Utility Dog Excellent, 10 double Q’s (qualify in open & utility on same day)
OM - Obedience Master
OTCH - Obedience Trial Champion

UCD - United Companion Dog
UCDX - United Companion Dog Excellent
UUD - United Utility Dog
UOCH - United Obedience Champion

CD-H - Companion Dog
CDX-H - Companion Dog Excellent
UD-H - Utility Dog
UDX-H Utility Dog Excellent, 6 qualifying utility B scores
OTCH-H - Obedience Trial Champion


Agility Titles

NAJ - Novice Jumpers
NA - Novice Agility (Standard)
NF - Novice FAST
NAP - Novice Agility Preferred*
NJP - Novice Jumpers Preferred
NFP - Novice FAST Preferred

*Preferred classes have 4” lower jump heights and 5 second longer course times.

OAJ - Open Jumpers
OA - Open Agility
OF - Open FAST
OAP - Open Agility Preferred
OJP - Open Jumpers Preferred
OFP - Open FAST Preferred

AX - Agility Excellent
AXJ - Agility Excellent Jumpers
XF - Excellent FAST
AXP - Agility Excellent Preferred
AJP - Excellent Jumpers Preferred
XFP - Excellent FAST Preferred

MX - Master Agility Excellent
MXJ - Master Excellent Jumpers
MXF - Master Excellent FAST
MXP - Master Excellent Preferred
MJP - Master Jumpers Preferred
MFP - Master FAST Preferred

FTCP - FAST Century Preferred
PAX - Preferred Agility Excellent
FTC - FAST Century (100 qualifies in Excellent B)
MACH - Master Agility Champion

Rally Titles


RN - Rally Novice
RA - Rally Advanced
RE - Rally Excellent
RAE - Rally Advanced Excellent (10 double qualifies in excellent and advanced)


RL1 - Rally Level 1
RL2 - Rally Level 2
RL3 - Rally Level 3
RL1X - Individual Level 1 Championship
RL2X - Individual Level 2 Championship
RL3X - Individual Level 3 Championship
ARCH - APDT Rally Champion
ARCHX - Rally Champion Excellent
ARCHEX - Rally Champion Extraordinaire
ARCHMX - Rally Master Champion


URO1 - United Rally Obedience Level 1
URO2 - United Rally Obedience Level 2
URO3 - United Rally Obedience Level 3
UROC - United Rally Obedience Champion
UROX - United Rally Obedience Excellent
UROG - United Rally Obedience Grand Champion

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