Showing Venues

to the following people who showed recently:

Nicole Parker and Steele-T2B Agility 5pts, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg, T2B Agility 8 points, Open JWW New Title Agility 3rd leg, Open Stnd New Title Agility 3rd leg 1st place, Open Fast Agility 2nd leg 3rd place, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg 3rd Place

Valerie Anderson and Brim- Winners Dog Best of Winners Conformation 5 Point Major

Valerie Anderson and Muse - T2B Agility 10 points 1st Place, T2B Agility 7 Points

Christi Skamfer and Ace- New Fast Novice Agility 3rd leg 1st Place, 1st Place CPE Agility Jumpers, Novice Obedience leg 1 2nd Place, Preferred Novice Obedience leg 1 3rd Place, Rally Excellent 3rd Place, Advanced RAE Rally leg 1 4th Place, Conformation Select


Lisa Belz and Ginger-  Cynosport Rally leg 3 New Title RL1, Cynosport Rally leg 1 Level 1B 2nd Place

Sophia Tiffany and Meeko- Beginners Novice 1st leg 2nd Place, Rally Novice 1st leg 1st Place

Bob Keller and Hammer - 3 Best of Breeds

Connie Goetz and Burnie - UKC Premier: 4 Best of Breeds, new URO3, Total Dog

Amaris Moore and Petra - Best of Opposite Sex, 1 championship point

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - Best of Breed, Group 4

Sydney Boyer and Blake - Silver medal, USDAA JHP Elementary, 4th place jumpers

Megan Nafe and Samson - 1 qualifying Intermediate Agility leg, new title, 1 qualifying Senior Agility leg, 2 gold medals, 3rd place jumpers

Faylene Troemner and Sparky - 2 bronze medals, USDAA JHP Beginners

Paige Arneson and Skippy - Bronze medal, USDAA JHP Intermediate

Claire Arneson and Poco - Gold medal, USDAA JHP Elementary

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - 1 qualifying novice agility leg, 1 qualifying novice JWW leg, 3rd place, 4th place



A common misconception is that only purebred dogs can be shown.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  There are nearly as many showing opportunities for a mixed breed dog as a purebred.  Listed below are some of the various venues in which our students show.  There are many others as well!


AKC - American Kennel Club

Possibly the most well-known of these organizations, AKC has always been dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs.  Recently AKC has also opened registry for mixed breed dogs to compete in obedience, rally, and agility.  Not all clubs will accept mixed breed entries, however.  Juniors can collect points to become eligible for scholarships.

Students of Overdale Kennel compete in the following AKC events:
Rally obedience
Lure Coursing
Junior Showmanship


UKC - United Kennel Club

UKC is another nation-wide registry.  UKC was founded in 1898 and places a heavy emphasis upon performance in addition to conformation.  Both purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcome to compete.  There is also a strong support for juniors and families including special junior prizes at every event and national rankings of juniors.

Students of Overdale Kennel compete in the following UKC events:
Rally obedience
Weight pull


USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association

Founded in 1986, USDAA is the nation’s oldest international agility organization and introduced most of the concepts that have made agility what it is today.  All dogs are welcome to compete.  USDAA has a Junior Handlers program to introduce juniors to the sport of dog agility.


APDT - Association of Pet Dog Trainers

This international organization offers rally obedience competitions for all dogs.  The goal of this organization is to promote responsible pet ownership through education.  Popularity for this organization was gained through offering the rally classes years before other national organizations.


CDSP - Companion Dog Sport Program

The focus of competition in this organization is teamwork between the dog and  handler and making obedience more accessible to the beginner.  This provides an opportunity for people and dogs to show in obedience without the strict rules of other organizations.  It is wonderful, less stressful opportunity for both people and dogs, while still providing increasing challenges.  Dogs and handlers that are blind, deaf, or have other disabilities are welcome to compete, and modifications can be made to allow them to do so.


NADAC - North American Dog Agility Council

NADAC is another registry for agility, formed in 1993.  Many unique and interesting games are offered as titling events.  This organization is friendlier to some dogs since the pause table is eliminated and refusals are not faulted.  Special classes for juniors are provided.

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