Rally obedience

to the following people who showed recently:

Nicole Parker and Steele-T2B Agility 5pts, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg, T2B Agility 8 points, Open JWW New Title Agility 3rd leg, Open Stnd New Title Agility 3rd leg 1st place, Open Fast Agility 2nd leg 3rd place, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg 3rd Place

Valerie Anderson and Brim- Winners Dog Best of Winners Conformation 5 Point Major

Valerie Anderson and Muse - T2B Agility 10 points 1st Place, T2B Agility 7 Points

Christi Skamfer and Ace- New Fast Novice Agility 3rd leg 1st Place, 1st Place CPE Agility Jumpers, Novice Obedience leg 1 2nd Place, Preferred Novice Obedience leg 1 3rd Place, Rally Excellent 3rd Place, Advanced RAE Rally leg 1 4th Place, Conformation Select


Lisa Belz and Ginger-  Cynosport Rally leg 3 New Title RL1, Cynosport Rally leg 1 Level 1B 2nd Place

Sophia Tiffany and Meeko- Beginners Novice 1st leg 2nd Place, Rally Novice 1st leg 1st Place

Bob Keller and Hammer - 3 Best of Breeds

Connie Goetz and Burnie - UKC Premier: 4 Best of Breeds, new URO3, Total Dog

Amaris Moore and Petra - Best of Opposite Sex, 1 championship point

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - Best of Breed, Group 4

Sydney Boyer and Blake - Silver medal, USDAA JHP Elementary, 4th place jumpers

Megan Nafe and Samson - 1 qualifying Intermediate Agility leg, new title, 1 qualifying Senior Agility leg, 2 gold medals, 3rd place jumpers

Faylene Troemner and Sparky - 2 bronze medals, USDAA JHP Beginners

Paige Arneson and Skippy - Bronze medal, USDAA JHP Intermediate

Claire Arneson and Poco - Gold medal, USDAA JHP Elementary

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - 1 qualifying novice agility leg, 1 qualifying novice JWW leg, 3rd place, 4th place



  Novice Rally     Advanced Rally   Rally Courses 


Introduction to Rally obedience

Rally obedience is a sport new to the competitive dog show world.  Several organizations offer rally competitions, but AKC has only had competitive events since January of 2005.  Rally has some similarities to traditional dog obedience, but also differs from it in several key ways. 
             -Handlers are not only allowed, but are encouraged to speak to and  
              encourage their dog throughout the competition.
             -The judge only gives one command (“forward”) at the beginning of the run. 
              The dog and handler then complete the course on their own by following
              directions on signs.
             -Rally is timed, so promptness of responses is encouraged.
             -Deductions are not made for the small mistakes, so a dog that sits just a tiny
              bit crooked doesn’t lose points.
             -There are lots of fun and challenging exercises you do not see in traditional
              obedience, such as 270 degree turns.


Benefits of Rally:

For the companion-
Rally teaches you and your dog how to work as a team.  This is key to having a good pet or working companion.  Also, rally is fun and offers you a good way to spend productive time with your dog.

For the competitive dog-
Rally is a good, low stress way for new competitors to get started, since the tiny mistakes do not receive deductions.
Rally is also a great way to improve the competitive dog’s heeling and teamwork, and offers one more way for you and your dog to enjoy the sport of competitive dog showing.

Classes Offered:

Novice rally
Novice rally is open to dogs that have had novice obedience.  In this class we will introduce the novice/level 1 rally signs and begin preparing you for competition if that is your goal.

Novice rally classes run for 5 weeks and cost $70.00

Next class begins: Thursday, March 30, 2017, 8:00 pm Spaces Available

Your Dog's Name and Breed

Advanced rally
In advanced rally we will introduce the advanced/level 2 and excellent/level 3 signs and prepare you for competition.  It is open to dogs that have completed novice rally.  *this class will be adjusted in content and length when AKC unveils the Masters Class*

Advanced rally classes run for 5 weeks and cost $70.00

Next class begins: 

Your Dog's Name
Your Dog's Breed

Rally Courses
Rally Courses is open to dogs that have had advanced rally.  In this class we will focus on course walking skills and handling difficult courses.

Rally Courses costs $15.00 for a one-time drop-in, $70.00 for 5 sessions, or
$190.00 for 15 sessions. 

Next class begins:  Thursdays at 6:00pm

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