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to the following people who showed recently:

Nicole Parker and Steele-T2B Agility 5pts, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg, T2B Agility 8 points, Open JWW New Title Agility 3rd leg, Open Stnd New Title Agility 3rd leg 1st place, Open Fast Agility 2nd leg 3rd place, Open JWW Agility 2nd leg 3rd Place

Valerie Anderson and Brim- Winners Dog Best of Winners Conformation 5 Point Major

Valerie Anderson and Muse - T2B Agility 10 points 1st Place, T2B Agility 7 Points

Christi Skamfer and Ace- New Fast Novice Agility 3rd leg 1st Place, 1st Place CPE Agility Jumpers, Novice Obedience leg 1 2nd Place, Preferred Novice Obedience leg 1 3rd Place, Rally Excellent 3rd Place, Advanced RAE Rally leg 1 4th Place, Conformation Select


Lisa Belz and Ginger-  Cynosport Rally leg 3 New Title RL1, Cynosport Rally leg 1 Level 1B 2nd Place

Sophia Tiffany and Meeko- Beginners Novice 1st leg 2nd Place, Rally Novice 1st leg 1st Place

Bob Keller and Hammer - 3 Best of Breeds

Connie Goetz and Burnie - UKC Premier: 4 Best of Breeds, new URO3, Total Dog

Amaris Moore and Petra - Best of Opposite Sex, 1 championship point

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - Best of Breed, Group 4

Sydney Boyer and Blake - Silver medal, USDAA JHP Elementary, 4th place jumpers

Megan Nafe and Samson - 1 qualifying Intermediate Agility leg, new title, 1 qualifying Senior Agility leg, 2 gold medals, 3rd place jumpers

Faylene Troemner and Sparky - 2 bronze medals, USDAA JHP Beginners

Paige Arneson and Skippy - Bronze medal, USDAA JHP Intermediate

Claire Arneson and Poco - Gold medal, USDAA JHP Elementary

Beth Schmidt and Hammer - 1 qualifying novice agility leg, 1 qualifying novice JWW leg, 3rd place, 4th place



Which Food Is Right For My Dog?


There are so many foods out there.  How do you decide which is the best for your dog?

I like to divide dog food into 4 groups.  Check your labels and avoid foods that are overpriced!  Your dog will likely eat less food when you buy a higher quality.  Most people find that they do not spend much more on food when they buy a higher quality food, and their dog is healthier.  Look at your options and buy the best food you can afford to buy.


Group 1:  Highest Quality Dog Food

These foods contain the best quality ingredients, using whole meats, including organs (tripe is an excellent part of a balanced carnivore diet), and high quality digestible carbohydrate sources.  No corn is used in these foods.  They typically have two meats listed before any carbohydrates and do not use fillers such as beet pulp.  Many also include prebiotics** and/or probiotics* for digestive health.  You can typically expect to spend $1.50-2.00 per pound or more for these foods, although it is possible to pay less!

Examples of Group 1 brands:  Eagle Pack Holistic Select, Evangers, Fromm, Merrick, Nature's Variety, Pinnacle, Precise Plus, Taste of the Wild, Wellness, Wysong


Group 2 Foods:  High Quality Foods

These foods use a meat source as the primary ingredient, but may use a meal (lamb meal, chicken meal, etc.).  High quality carbohydrates are used.  In general corn is not used, but some foods may include some amounts of cooked, ground corn, which is highly digestible.  Some foods may contain prebiotics** and/or probiotics* for digestive health.  You can generally expect to pay about $1.00-$1.50 per pound for these foods.

Examples of Group 2 brands:  Canidae, Canine Caviar, Chicken Soup, Eagle Pack, Royal Canin, Precise, Professional,


Group 3 Foods:  Medium Quality Foods

These foods use meat as a primary ingredient but they may use meat by-product, or they may use meat meals but have multiple types of carbohydrates listed that together may actually outweigh the meat.  They may have uncooked corn (which is highly undigestible) as a partial carbohydrate source.  You can typically expect to pay under $1.00 per pound for these foods.

Examples of Group 3 brands:  Diamond, Nutro


Group 4 Foods:  Low Quality Foods

These foods do not use meat as a primary ingredient and often use corn as a primary carbohydrate source.  Carbohydrate sources are often split up to create the illusion of meat being the primary ingredient.  These foods are typically overpriced.  You may pay anywhere from under $1.00 to $2.00 per pound.  The extra markup pays for advertising.  We do not recommend that you feed group 4 foods, and we do not stock them.  This group includes many of your most “famous” foods and almost all grocery store food.


Specialty Foods (Found in Groups 1 &2)

Some dogs require special diets.  Overdale Kennel stocks many special diets, and we have access to many others.  If your dog requires a special diet, ask us how we can help.

Allergy foods:  Canidae, Sensible Choice

Limited Ingredient Diets:  for dogs with serious allergies, these foods contain a single novel meat source and a single novel carbohydrate source

Examples:  Natural Balance, Wellness Simple Solutions

Breed Specific Formulas:  Royal Canin

Grain-free Formulas:  Taste of the Wild, Merrick Before Grain, Wellness CORE

Increasing Palatability for the picky eater: Natural Balance, Holistic Select


*Benefits of Probiotics:

Probiotics are “good” bacteria which inhabit the digestive systems of living things.  These bacteria help us with digestion, nutrient absorption, immune function, and removing toxins, among other things.  The use of antibiotics, stress, and environmental changes can all disrupt the health of the bacteria in your pet's digestive tract.  Daily probiotics help maintain a healthy balance.

**Benefits of Prebiotics:

Prebiotics are Fructo Oligo Saccharides (FOS).  These are non-digestible carbohydrates that work in conjunction with probiotics to promote digestive health.  FOS reaches the colon undigested, and helps create a more acidic environment there where bad bacteria are diminished and the good bacteria (i.e. probiotics) can flourish.


Common misconceptions:

  • Brand recognition is NOT a good way to choose a dog food.  Many of the most widely recognized brands fall into Group 4, despite their high prices.  The high price pays for the advertising that leads to brand recognition.
  • Words like “Select”, “Premium”, “Super Premium”, “Holistic”, “Natural”, etc. have no meaning other than what the manufacturer decides.  The only way to evaluate the quality of the food is by reading the labels.  We are happy to help you with label reading.
  • Buying a food that is labeled “Lamb and Rice”, “Chicken and Rice”, etc. does not mean you are buying a food with only these ingredients.  You may still be buying mostly corn!  Again, read your labels.

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